IT Support

Below are summaries and breakdowns of our IT and related services. If you have any questions regarding the topics below, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

  • Small Business Enterprise Services - We offer the following services to help you manage your desktop and server systems:

    At Connected Northwest, we help you secure and maintain your IT infrastructure with various services. Whether you need Infrastructure design and implementation, or server performance monitoring and maintenance, we have the expertise and experience to meet your needs.

    • We provide support for Windows Desktop and Windows Server systems.
    • Monitoring and maintaining your servers and desktops are conducted to ensure optimal functionality and security.
    • Configuration and enforcement of your desktop settings align with your preferences and policies.
    • Seamless integration of Windows and Macintosh devices into your network environment is part of our service.
    • Managing enterprise antivirus solutions to safeguard your data and devices from malware and cyberattacks.
    • Handling print servers and queue management to facilitate your printing needs.
    • Installation, maintenance, and upgrades of software applications for your servers and desktops are taken care of by our team.
    • Network infrastructures tailored to your needs can be created and deployed by our team.
  • Services for Network Security and Connectivity - We provide the following services to ensure your network is secure and accessible:

    Whether you want to work remotely or need a wireless network where wiring is impossible, we can help you set up a solution that suits your needs. We have the skills and technology to enable telecommuting or installing a wireless mesh network for your organization.

    • Network Wiring: Our services encompass installing and maintaining the wiring for your network infrastructure.
    • Wireless Mesh Networking: Our team specializes in creating and managing a wireless network that covers a large area without wires.
    • Virtual Private Networking: Our virtual private networking solutions secure and encrypt your network traffic through the internet.
    • Remote Access Solutions: Our solutions enable you to access your network resources from anywhere, providing flexibility and convenience.
    • Antivirus Management: Ensuring protection against viruses and malware, we update and safeguard your network devices.
    • Virus Disinfection and Outbreak Management: We efficiently clean and restore your network devices in case of virus or malware infections.
    • Firewall Management and Monitoring: We control and monitor your organization's incoming and outgoing network traffic through our firewall management services.
    • Email Content and Attachment Filtering: We filter and block unwanted or harmful email content and attachments to enhance your organization's security.
    • Network Evaluation and Audit: We conduct thorough evaluations and audits of your network to assess its performance and configuration.
    • Network Security Audit: Identifying risks and vulnerabilities, we perform comprehensive audits to ensure the security of your network.
  • Backup and Recovery Solutions for Disasters - We offer the following services to help you protect your data and resume your operations in case of a disaster:

    We can help you prepare for any disaster scenario with our recovery plans and cloud storage solutions. We work with various cloud storage providers and our local colocation facility to ensure your data is always accessible and reliable.

    • With our expert services, businesses receive assistance in preparing for potential disruptions or disasters that may impact their operations.
    • Our email continuity service ensures reliable and accessible email communication at all times.
    • Delivering high-availability services, we ensure that your systems remain online and functional without interruption.
    • Through our hot spare program, we swiftly and effectively replace faulty hardware as needed.
    • Vigilantly monitoring backup solutions, we ensure that your data is always secure and restorable.
    • Our off-site and cloud backup solutions store data in remote, secure locations.
    • Regular checks and maintenance of UPS devices help prevent power failures and interruptions.
  • Services for General Support - We provide the following services to assist you with your desktop and laptop issues:

    Our Remote Assistance Portal allows us to handle a problem with the expertise of our techs remotely. For more challenging issues, we are ready to visit your site and work on it face-to-face. We have several other general support services that we offer as well.

    • On-Site Desktop and Laptop Support: Our skilled technicians provide hands-on assistance and troubleshooting for your desktop and laptop devices at your location.
    • Remote Support: Swiftly resolving technical issues from a distance, our remote support team ensures minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.
    • Help Desk Services: Access our knowledgeable help desk professionals for prompt and reliable assistance with your IT queries and concerns.
    • After-Hours Network and Server Support: Our dedicated team is available round-the-clock to maintain and support your network and server infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations even during off-hours.
    • Customer Service Portal: Experience seamless and efficient customer support through our user-friendly online portal, accessible anytime for your convenience.
  • We offer the following services to aid you with network assessment and security in IT consulting.

    Our comprehensive IT consulting services cover everything from software license compliance to strategic security policy planning.

    • Asset tracking and management services are provided to oversee your assets throughout their lifecycle.
    • Change management services are offered to help you adapt to new scenarios and seize opportunities.
    • Employees receive education on utilizing the most advanced technologies and methods.
    • Vendor relationships are managed to ensure high quality and productivity.
    • Assistance with hardware and software procurement is provided to match your requirements and resources.
    • Hardware service history is documented to monitor performance and identify issues.
    • Network evaluation and audits are conducted to identify strengths and areas for improvement.
    • Network security is audited and examined to safeguard your data and systems.
    • Security policies are designed to align with your objectives and norms.