Cloud Computing Services

  • Application Hosting Services

Managing applications require frequent software patches, system upgrades, and data backup. Connected Northwest offers application hosting services designed for ease and convenience. We will take responsibility for installing, configuring, securing, and integrating your applications, thus allowing you to sidestep or mitigate any potential downtime.

  • Virtual Server Hosting

Opting for virtual servers presents a savvy, swift, and practical approach to conducting business operations. Utilizing fewer physical servers and more virtual machines save power, reduces waste, and makes your company more eco-friendly. Connected Northwest virtual server hosting services include virtual desktop provisioning, backup and disaster recovery, virtual application hosting, hardware and software updates, and more. Our virtual environments allow let you scale up or down, as needed, at a cost-effective price point.

  • Office 365 Management Support

With Office 365 from Connected Northwest, you can operate smarter and faster anywhere and anytime. Our Office 365 services include comprehensive support, migration, consulting, and management for the Microsoft cloud-based suite of applications. Office 365 provides heightened security, dependability, and user productivity through a flexible and budget-friendly subscription model. We ensure that your workforce can effortlessly access their documents when needed, whether in the office, at home, or on the move.