IT Security Services

  • Email Security Services

Email is the primary way viruses infiltrate computers. If your email is not secure, you are at risk of disruptions, data breaches, compliance penalties, and more. Safeguarding your business from phishing threats and cyber-attacks requires reliable email security services. Connected Northwest helps your team recognize email-based risks and provides a safety net for potential mistakes. Our email security services go beyond standard antivirus and anti-malware solutions. We proactively stop attacks before they can compromise your business. Employing encryption software, firewalls, and advanced security protocols, we ensure the integrity of your email communication and the overall safety of your business operations.

  • Infrastructure and Network Security

Safeguarding sensitive data from the constant evolution of cyber threats is imperative, as cybercriminals continuously devise innovative methods to breach your network. The first step is to ensure your network is secure. At Connected Northwest, we initiate this process by assessing your existing infrastructure and formulating a strategy that mitigates risks, educates your team, and ensures compliance. Our infrastructure security includes state-of-the-art hardware and software implementations to safeguard your organization. With our proactive approach, we continually monitor your network and address vulnerabilities before they cause damage.

  • Security Vulnerabilities Services

Daily, your team might inadvertently expose your business to new threats. Activities like updating software, installing plugins, clicking on harmful URLs, or opening infected attachments, can have serious consequences. You need to pinpoint any vulnerabilities to protect yourself, your workforce, and your clients. Connected Northwest can conduct a vulnerability assessment to provide a complete picture of your weaknesses with detailed, interrelated information. Through our security vulnerability assessment, we meticulously scan your entire setup to identify weak spots, assess the risks, and present actionable recommendations to fortify your defenses.